PATHFAST immunoassay analyzer

PATHFAST is an easy to use, bench-top chemiluminescent immunoassay analyzer providing affordable, core-lab quality results from whole blood samples in under 17 minutes. With the flexibility to run up to six tests simultaneously, and results that are unaffected by hemolysisPATHFAST ensures accurate results are available to the caregiver quickly – improving patient outcomes, and overall cardiac care.

Industry-leading precision and accuracy

  • Core-lab quality results – 5.1% CV for Troponin I at 99th percentile cutoff
  • High level of accuracy from combination of chemiluminescence technology and proprietary Magtration®technology

Flexible, reliable testing – fast

  • Ability to run whole blood or plasma samples
  • Testing and results unaffected by hemolysis
  • Six simultaneous tests in under 17 minutes
  • Flexibility to perform any of the assays – from one to six tests per run

Simple. User-friendly

  • Single test reagent cartridge
  • Color touchscreen controls
  • Fewer than five steps to potentially life-saving results:
    1. Scan patient ID with barcode reader
    2. Add sample to sample well
    3. Place cartridge rack in analyzer
    4. Press start. Results will be printed out in under 17 minutes.

Quality and Compatibility

  • Manufactured in Japan under strict quality control standards
  • Easily interfaces with Laboratory Information Systems (LIS)

Compact design, big impact. Ideal for:

  • Emergency departments
  • Stat laboratories
  • Core laboratories
  • Stand-alone emergency rooms
  • Urgent care facilities

 Up to 1000mg/dL