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PATHFAST® Immunoanalyzer
Concept & Application

PATHFAST ImmunoanalyzerThe PATHFAST® system combines the accuracy of a full-scale lab analyzer with the flexibility of a mobile solution. Its compact design makes PATHFAST® the ideal analysis system in laboratories, hospitals, especially in ER and medical offices available wherever fast quantitative results (with full-scale lab quality) are required at the point of care. With its space-saving design and large degree of flexibility PATHFAST® is also an ideal supplement or back-up system in central labs. It can be available at any time (24 hrs per day) without interfering with the processes of routine analysis.

PATHFAST® is providing fast, differential diagnosis and is easy to operate, install and network. High precision makes this analyzer an adequate "satellite" of a full-scale lab on a cardiology, intensive care or emergency ward. Parallel processing enables the examination of six samples in only a few minutes from whole blood, serum or plasma.

Especially valuable through it's unique combination of properties:

  • Central lab quality at the point of care
  • Whole blood can be used as sample material, suitable for Emergency Room or Patient Urgent Care Centers
  • Quantitative measurement of 6 analyses in parallel